How to build a strong password ?

With increasing advancements in technology, the cyber attacks are also increasing. And it’s always better to stay away from being a victim of it. For that we must build strong passwords, this is how we can build a strong password:

Your password must:

  • not be found in dictionary
  • be a combination of letter, numbers and symbols
  • have both upper case and lower case letters
  • as long as possible
  • not be your phone number
  • or some other number (card number, aadhar number, etc.)
  • not your birth date or marriage anniversary date.
  • easy to remember but only for you


Let’s take an example:

Starting with my ordinary password


Very easy ?? Let’s convert all the ‘a’ into ‘@’.


Not that good ?? Let’s convert all ‘o’ into ‘0’. (letter O into zero)


Need stronger ?? Let’s convert every fourth letter into upper case.


Need better ?? Convert ‘i’ into ‘1’.


Now this is what is called a really secure password !!

Don’t note down your password anywhere !!

I checked for the above example on a website and it showed that it would take a computer 93 trillion years to crack this password.

The website I used was and I admit It was a really cool website 😉

Hope you liked it and use a much stronger password……..!!


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