Watch Star Wars but in a different way

Want to watch Star Wars in a whole new exciting way, well here I am to help you again .So without wasting your time, I directly come to the tutorial (for windows 8 and windows 10):

Step 1

Open control panel.

Step 2

In the control panel search box, search for – Turn windows features on or off.

Step 3

Click the option that says – Turn windows features on or off.

Step 4

In the dialogue box that appears, check the box that says Telnet Client.

Step 5

Now wait for few seconds until windows display the message – Windows completed the requested changes. Close that window.

Step 6

From start search type telnet and hit enter.

Step 7

In the window that opens, type o (small o) and hit enter.

Step 8

Again type and hit enter.

Step 9

Sit back and enjoy the show 😉

Note: You must have a working internet connection to use this. (Obviously you do have if you reading this)

Hope this will work for you. (This tutorial was only for Windows 8 & Windows 10)



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