What if you lost your phone ?

Have you ever thought what can you do if you lost your smartphone. If not, please do, because nowadays smartphones be as expensive as good quality televisions. Moreover they have all personal data stored in it so your security comes under threat. But the real problem is that we are careless and we know it, it’s quite easy to lose a phone which is not more than 100-200 grams flat cuboid not more than six inches and fits in our hand, we leave it and pick it without noticing. It also happens sometimes when you lose your phone at your own house, I mean left it somewhere. You would most probably ring it but what if it’s silent ??

So without much waiting let’s get into the solutions:


If its an android device and you most probably have a google account(gmail account) signed in into it.

Then its quite simple, open chrome browser in your pc or laptop, sign in with the same google account and search for “find my phone”.

You’ll get immediately an option to ring your phone, it will ring even if it is silent for 5 minutes at full volume. If you find your phone, press the power button to stop it.


There is something called an IMEI (C’mon guys it’s not always necessary to know the full form) number. It is a unique identification number in the system.

If you haven’t lost your phone yet then dial *#06# to get your IMEI number, store this number in some safe place, this helps in police investigation generally.

If you lost your phone, you can check it’s box, if you have thrown away that too. Log in to your google account and click this link


Under the ANDROID heading you can find your phone and its IMEI number.


Install Android Device manager from Playstore in your phone. It helps.

Note: All these methods were for Android but there are similar ways for iOS AND windows phones too.

Thank you !! 🙂


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