One of the most dangerous torture method

Today while I was researching about some most dangerous types of tortures I discovered something really cool. What can you imagine when thinking of the most painful torture, taking off nails, giving electric shocks, not giving proper food, etc. But that’s not the case, let’s see what the torture is :


This is gonna sound weird but in this method a prisoner is put into a cell with white walls, everything white, wears white clothes, white plates, even white food like rice, with pin drop silence and the prisoner can listen only sounds made by him. For going to washroom the prisoner has to pass a white sheet to the guard. The guard never makes a sound even.

Sounds peaceful ??

No it is absolutely not, these prisoners are tortured psychologically in this way. Prisoner forgets his name, his family, can no more identify anyone. And the worst part the prisoner can never ever become normal again.

There couldn’t have been anything weird than that. :0

Hope you liked it !!

Not cruel ? Check this one :


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