Fun facts you’ll definitely like

  • 28th June is the International Caps Lock Day.
  • Continuous farting for six years and nine months would create energy equal to that of an atomic bomb.
  • An average man cries six times an year whereas an average women somewhere between 30 and 64 times.
  • After 100 years from now Facebook will have 500 million accounts of dead people.
  • A study by the Oxford University suggests, when you fall in love you lose two close friends.
  • Under SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act), you could get 5 years imprisonment for uploading a Michael Jackson song.
  • An average cell phone contains more bacteria than a toilet seat.
  • You can see your nose all the time but our brain ignores it.
  • The first man to survive going over Niagara falls later died by slipping on an orange peel.
  • Both Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden were announced dead on May 1.
  • 99% people backspace the whole password when they just mess up 1 letter.
  • Jellyfish evaporates in sun beacuse they are 98% water.
  • When a person cries if the first drop of tear comes from right eye, it is happiness and if it comes from left it is pain.
  • 90% people wet the toothpaste after applying the paste.
  • It would take about 1000 years to watch all videos on Youtube.

Hope you enjoyed it 😉  !!


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