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After some really interesting quizzes, it’s important not to crowd this website with question but to share knowledge too. So here I am with some technological information. So today I am gonna teach you how to make a harmless virus to prank friends by just using notepad !! So without much of waiting let’s start:

Steps to be followed:

  1. Open notepad
  2. Copy the following text and paste into the notepad

X=Msgbox(“Message here”,0+16,”Title here”)

3. The most important step comes here, save the file with any name but remember to add “.vbs” at the end otherwise it won’t work.

4. Save it.

5. Now open it and you’re done . 😉


This is how it must look.

Now in the copied text you can replace “Message here” with “Your system has been hacked” and “Title here” with “WARNING”.


This is how it must look.

If you want to make some changes into it, right click on the file and open with notepad.

You can try your own messages to be displayed and transfer it to your friends computer to have some fun (you can also try e-mailing it).

I’m open to all you doubts and queries so please contact in case of any difficulty anytime.

Hope you’ll like it !!


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