Answers to the Truth or Myth Quiz

In my previous post which was The Truth or Myth Quiz. These are the answers to it with an explanation. If you haven’t answered those questions, go to this link without scrolling down to see the answer.

  1. “Wolves howl on seeing the moon.”

Myth. Wolves howl upwards so that their sound travels farther and last for a long time.

2. “Sleeping helps your skin look younger.”

Truth. Sleep is great for your skin – it produces collagen, increases blood flow to the skin, and reduces puffy eyes.


7. “Some people can predict rains by feeling in their bones.”

Truth. Bones that are old and/or damaged can be sensitive to changes in air pressure, which can predict weather changes.

8. “A dog’s sense of smell is so powerful that it can detect cancer.”

Truth. Specially-trained dogs can – and do – detect some cancers more dependably than lab tests.

Thank you so much!!

I hope you like it……!!


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