Remember the earliest phones in the market ? What was actually introduced to us a mobile phone games. It was none other than the classic Snake game. It may not have been as advanced as we have games today,but what I’ve felt is that it had a uniqueness which cannot be forgotten. What about living the same experience with a touch of technological update….. If you get excited with this thought, this is the game app you are looking for !

The colourful user interface is quite lively and it fills one with excitement.If your smartphone has a good speed in general, it will be a smooth experience but if not, the game hangs frequently. If you like classic and simple games, this one is meant for you but if you are one of those complex action games lover, then you might regret getting this. The game is easy to play and somewhat addictive too.

screenshot_2017-01-01-10-15-50 screenshot_2017-01-01-10-17-26

Thank you !!


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