inshorts app

Do you wish to stay updated ? But your busy schedule stops you from running down crowded newspaper articles or news channels and you end up exclaiming “Come to the point!!”. Right ? So, here I’ve found something useful for you. As the title of this post suggests, it’s the inshorts app. I’ve been using this for more than four months and the result has been quite satisfactory. The best thing is that it literally comes to the point without wasting your time as the tagline suggests – “News in 60 words”. It has clean user-friendly interface and also provides an option to study the news in detail by directing to the news website.

The only thing I found inconvenient was the flocking of headlines in the notification panel, however you can alter it in the settings.

I hope you find this post useful and interesting! Thank you friends !!screenshot_2016-12-31-21-21-51 screenshot_2016-12-31-21-22-27 screenshot_2016-12-31-21-22-43


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